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Fostering Responsible Computing Research: Foundations and Practices

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine recently issued the consensus study report “Fostering Responsible Computing Research: Foundations and Practices.” Embedded EthiCS co-founder Professor Barbara Grosz chaired the Committee on Responsible Computing Research, which was appointed to examine best practices that research sponsors, research-performing institutions, and individual researchers can use to formulate, conduct, and evaluate computing research and associated activities in a responsible manner. Embedded EthiCS faculty member Professor James Mickens was also a member of the committee.

Read the report National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine

Ethical Issues in AI and Computing Conference
June 2-3, 2022

In partnership with Social & Ethical Responsibilities of Computing at MIT, Embedded EthiCS @ Harvard hosted our first conference on ethical issues in AI and computing (broadly construed). Meeting June 2-3, online and on the Harvard SEAS campus, we brought together scholars working on these issues from the Greater Boston area and beyond.

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Teaching Responsible Computing Playbook

A collaboration of an inaugural 32 authors and contributors across disciplines and computing programs.

This Playbook was made possible by the Responsible Computer Science Challenge, funded by Omidyar Network, Mozilla Foundation, Schmidt Futures, and Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

Joint CS and Philosophy Initiative, Embedded EthiCS, Triples in Size to 12 Courses

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Embedded EthiCS: Integrating Ethics Across CS Education

"Students can learn to think not only about what technology they could create, but also whether they should create that technology. Learning to reason this way requires courses unlike those currently standard in computer science curricula."

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Embedding ethics in computer science curriculum.
Harvard initiative seen as a national model.

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$2.4 Million in Prizes for Schools
Teaching Ethics Alongside Computer Science

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Embedded EthiCS wins $150,000 grant
Program aims to make everyday technology more ethical

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Follow-on to Harvard Initiative for Teaching and Learning’s 2021 Conference:

“Ethical Reasoning for Computer Scientists”
with Jeff Behrends, James Mickens, and Trystan Goetze

"Learn how Embedded EthiCS meets the challenge of making ethical reasoning integral to computer science education."

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Colossus, the world’s first reliable electronic programmable computer, helped British intelligence forces decipher code in World War II.

Now that computers connect us all,
for better and worse, what’s next?

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